Casino Management Software for the Large and Small Casino

Powerful enough for a large Casino yet Affordable by small casinos. Casinfo has broken the price barrier which allows smaller casinos to use the same tools bigger casinos have. At an affordable price.

Casinfo is a company founded by Information Technology and Software Development experts with a broad understanding of the Casino and Hospitality industry.

As a result of our IT and Software Development expertise the systems acquired are flexible, secure, and properly built to provide optimal performance and use the latest off-the-shelf technology.

Our systems are built on a modular method providing you the availability of utilizing the systems, according to your needs. Start small and grow big at your pace. We'll be there with the technology you need when you need it.

Casinfo Building Blocks Diagram
The Building Blocks

Does Casinfo Systems meet my needs?

Casinfo products are based on stable technology in use by millions of people. This technology grows more capable and less expensive every day.

The fact that our systems are flexible means you can usually configure them to your requirements without any programming changes.

As a result of our Casino and Hospitality Industry knowledge the systems you acquire are simple to use and intuitive, given that there are millions of people who currently use similar technology: probably your employees.

We have taken great care to streamline the processes so as to reduce your expenditure in personnel consequently the training process is easy, including the ability of the system to be multi-lingual and to have user configurable help screens so the casino can incorporate its policies and procedures right in the system.

Casinfo products help me to increase my productivity?


  • A simple system your people can learn quickly and use effectively.
  • Fewer errors will be made.
  • Lower personnel costs.

Casinfo products help me to increase my profits?


  • Switch your casino from coin to TITO or Cashless and speed up your floor, enough to pay for the technology AND increase profits.
  • Add Player Tracking and attact good players while sending bad players to your competition.
  • use Player marketing and Analysis to keep your customers happily playing at YOUR casino.
  • use Player excitement tools such as drawings and progressives to make your casino THE place to go.

Our Software

Casinfo Systems is a suite of software designed to provide your casino great advantages in Accounting, control of Slot Machines and Player Tracking. This Software suite is designed to give the casinos using it a competitive advantage in their market place.

If you have specific needs not covered by our existing system you will find Casinfo much more willing to help you than other system suppliers. For more information contact us.

The Casinfo Systems Products Suite