Player Tracking

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You spend a lot of money on attracting your players.

Your competition spends a lot of money attracting your players.

Are you spending all that money on attracting the right players?

Are your employees spending your money on the right players?

Casinfo's Player tracking can help you make sure that the players you reward are the players that make you money.

Player Tracking rewards the player immediately for their play in the form of Slot points, but casinfo has a "secret player account" of points earned by the player that you can use to surprise the player with unexpected gifts and for the marketing campaigns aimed at your players.

To further stimulate play, the Player Tracking System has bonus multipliers and has a random drawing feature where the more the player plays the greater their chances of winning.

There is also a "Live Carded players" list so you can identify important players on the floor.

Beyond the benefits to the player, casinfo's Player tracking System has robust reporting and audit capabilities.