Development of the Casinfo System begins in the year 2000. The system has a simple design concept: make a simple and affordable system that is a good value to casinos large and small and make it from off the shelf parts.

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly there is a proliferation of small gaming rooms & casinos. This market was completely ignored by large corporations that develop of management systems for gaming. We like big casinos, but it is the smaller casinos we want to help.

Casinfo incorporates July 2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are only two people in the company Gary Kuipers and Pilar Davalos (owners of the firm). Casinfo gets GLI approval for version 1 and places its first system at Diamond Mountain Casino. That casino goes on to double in size and add a hotel in the following years. Casinfo grows slowly and surely, with a "no debt" philosophy. Selling systems is hard, but people and contractors are hired expand the system.

In 2006 the company is growing. It already has version 2 and is looking to expand its product line. After some study, Panama was chosen because of its privileged geographical position, the use of the dollar as the local currency and the political stability. Top on the list is the high level of education and experience Panamanian programmers have, along with their solid work ethic. Casinfo INC starts operations in June 2006 in Panama City, Panama with 4 employees, Panama became a laboratory for testing and development, with the ingenuity of new employees we have created new products and filled in our product line.

In 2010 we are growing solidly and steadily with version 3 approved by GLI. The industry is seeing that we are the solution for the smaller casino that wants a feature rich managements system. Our software is currently installed in approximately 100 gaming locations in the Americas and the Caribbean.