Side By Side Player Tracking for Casinos

Old style player tracking

The Problem:

  • You want downloadable rewards for your players
  • You need a new, modern look in your casino
  • It costs too much

The Solution:

We can help, even if you already have a player tracking system.

Side by Side

You can add all the excitement and functionality you need for your players with Side by Side  from Casinfo®

This is a sample of actual screens:

Example Avanti Theme Casinfo
  • Reward your clients with downloadable credits from their account
  • Run targeted player promotions with non-cashable downloads that can be saved by the player and moved to other machines
  • Use Reward Thermometers ® to show your players how close they are to receiving the rewards they want.
  • Run points multiplier periods specifically targeted to groups of players
  • Run the player tracking on a bezel mounted screen or directly in the field of play
Example Avanti Theme Western

So you already have a player tracking system? Get ready for a pleasant shock:

You don't have to buy the upgrade for your player rewards system from your current Slot System provider. Your slot accounting and player tracking systems just happen to be from the same supplier and use one port in your slot machines. What else do they have in common?

Example Avanti Theme Royal

Side by Sideallows you to keep your slot accounting system and your TITO. Side by Side replaces the current player tracking by using the second port on your slot to manage the player tracking and the download and upload of AFT credits.

The result is you get the Player Services Tools you need at a price you can afford.

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